2012 WR450F plastics on 2011 WR450f

Does anybody know if 2012 WR450F plastics will fit 2011 WR450F?

Frames are completely different, maybe with some serious mods you could do it. The front fender is the only part that will bolt right on as far as I know.

Headlight (requires makeshift bracket), rear fender (fits poorly) front fender (requires drilling new holes)


Nothting else fits.

I can confirm that the the front fender, side plates and rear fender will bolt straight up. No mods required.



Headlight will also bolt right up...no fitting at all

Yep, as mentioned above. Headlight (will require a connector change) and side panels all bolt straight on and the rear fender is the same on the 2007-2011 bikes anyway. The front fender needs some holes re drilling unless you buy the UFO plastics 'restyled' version which is a >2012 fender that comes ready to fit <2012 bikes (if they are available in the USA?).

The 2012 onwards airbox door (all black) fits straight on too.

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Man, that looks great.

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