2008 WR450 Mini?

I purchased a used 2008 WR450 a couple days ago. It's mostly stock except for an FMF pipe, BAJA kit, and a steering damper. When I brought it home and parked it in the garage next to my friends completely stock 2004 Honda CRF250X I noticed that the CRF made the WR look like a kids bike. The CRF was noticeably taller. I pulled out the tape measure and started doing some measuring. The CRF is about 1+" higher at the top of the clamps, seat, rear fender. I looked up the specs online and it shows that the WR should actually be a hair bigger than the CRF250X. Also, the specs say the WR ground clearance is 14.4" Mine is barely 11.5"! I have one of those stands that you slide under the bike and press the pedal to raise it. I can't even slide the stand under the WR. I have to lift the bike on it.


I've looked all over the bike to see if there is some sort of lowering link, or anything else that would attribute to the lower heights and I've found nothing. Everything is stock. It's in very very good condition and doesn't show signs of any serious wrecks. Any ideas? Are Yamaha's typically smaller than the Honda's? Why are the online specs way off on the WR? I'm 6' 6" and having a tall bike is obviously important to me. If this is the way Yamaha's are, it looks like I'm in the market for a CRF450X. Below are the specs I found for the 08 WR450. Thanks for the help!


Dry weight: 112.5 kg (248.0 pounds) Seat height: 980 mm (38.6 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Overall height: 1,295 mm (51.0 inches) Overall length: 2,174 mm (85.6 inches) Overall width: 826 mm (32.5 inches) Ground clearance: 366 mm (14.4 inches) Wheelbase: 1,486 mm (58.5 inches) Fuel capacity: 7.94 litres (2.10 gallons)


I had my WR lowered internally on the forks and shock. It usually can be reversed but I'd bet you could find someone to swap out with as it's expensive to lower it internally.

I had mine dropped 2.5"

My ground clearance is now about a foot.

I also had to take my bike stand and cut a few inches out and weld it back together to get it to fit.

I bet someone dropped it 3" and the rest are adjustments. Have knobby tires?

It's been lowered, obviously.

I have a 2007 WR450 and a 2006 250X.

There is no doubt that the 250x is taller. I haven't measured but I would say the 250X is between 1 to 2 inches taller. Both of mine are stock suspension except my WR has the SSS forks.

My friend has 250x and a KTM 300 and it's the same. The X is a tall bike.

Take the suspenders in to your local suspension shop and get it fixed. Make sure they put Racetech or other good shim type base valves in the forks at the same time. You might also consider a tall seat and maybe taller bars. Fixed. :thumbsup:

Ground clearance specs are written based on the suspension at full extension, not actual clearance while sitting wheels on the ground, for one thing.  So is seat height.


If you are measuring with the bike on the ground, you should check your free and rider sag numbers to see if the previous owner has slacked off the preload adjuster farther than it should be.  Compared to the suspension extension on the stand, the bike should settle about 3.75 - 4.5 inches with your weigh on board, preferably right over the pegs, and about 1 inch under its own weight only.

Friends wife rides a lowered 250X, She hopped on my '07 WR250F and said it felt lower to her than her 250X. Scary part, my 450, which is all stock, sits lower than my 250, which I bought used and the kid said the suspension was stock..

Thanks for the replies, guys. Just for the record, both bikes have knobbies on them and I did all my measurements with the suspension at full extension. I was able to swing by a dealership that had a used 2007 WR450. I measured it and it is exactly the same as mine. Dang! I was hoping mine was lowered and it would be an easy fix. I guess Yamaha's numbers are not correct and the WR during that era was a smaller bike than the X.


I also measured the 2014 WR450 and 2014 CRF450X at the dealer. They are almost identical. Roughly 38.5" seat height, 18" foot peg height, 14" ground clearance. Again, suspension fully extended. It looks like Yamaha must have made some changes since '08 (maybe '12?) to bring the WR back inline with the competition. I checked online and the linkage part numbers between 2008 and 2014 did not change so it muse be the overall shock length or changes in the frame.


Now, I'm wondering what I can do or modify to get more height. Does anyone know if the shock on the yz is longer or if the linkage allows for more seat height? They are different part numbers than the WR. I've heard that Devol makes an adjustable linkage and I've seen reports that it will lower the seat height, but I don't know if it will raise it.


Thanks again.

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