what do u guys have your shock rebound set at,for that matter how about all your suspension.i was following a guy last weekend over some small breaking bumps and he seemed to be having no trouble.i on the other hand was being thrown around like a ragdoll.also on a side not replaced the cdi on my 01 426 and havn't fouled a plug since.

In Florida, we set the rebound pretty slow, because we ride endless whoops. I think I'm running around 8-10 clicks, depending how big the whoops are, or how fast the trail is.

Adjusting your suspension for braking bumps is a compromise. You need your compression and rebound to work quick enough (or it will "pack" the forks), but then it will Pogo you off the trail at higher speeds. Set it too stiff, and you'll feel every stutterbump. When you think about it, braking bumps are only a small part of the trail, and adjusting your boingers for it will throw you off everywhere else.

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