10-13 cycra shrouds

I've done a lot of searching but can only find limited information on the cycra powerflow shrouds for the 10-13 YZ450.  I'm wondering if anyone can give like side by side photos of their bikes to show the difference between stock and the cycra shrouds, or at least pics with the cycra shrouds installed.  I was also wondering if anyone who runs these shrouds has noticed any difference in how dirty their air filters get, or if dirt or water gets up in the air box.  I'm wondering this because the air inlets seem to be much more open and vulnerable to other bikes roost or rain to get into them.  If anyone can give a quick little review on them I would appreciate it, thanks.

I would like to hear/see a review also!

I don't have any before or after pics but I did not notice any real difference from stock.  I am a big guy though and never had any issue with the perceived too wide stock shrouds.


Performance wise I also noticed no difference.  Air cleaner does not seem prone to getting dirtier any quicker and roost and water are also a non issue. 

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