04' WR450 Just stopped mid ride...

ive only put about 8hrs on the bike personally and am new to working on these things as a whole so if you have any advice i may need it a little more spelled out but heres my situation..

Going down the road in 3rd gear the bike just sputters out and the engine dies, i smoothly brought it to a stop and figured i was out of fuel. turn the petcock and the electric start turns but the bike wont start. I try to kick it over and the kick is more firm then i have ever felt it. I regretably force it down as hard as i could and it just hits the bottom with no resistance in between the top and bottom of my kick. Still as it sits the kick is very tight. I did a full oil change and added fuel. The electric start is close to getting it to start and all my lights come on but it wont give it that little bit extra it needs. the kick is so firm im scared to keep trying it in fear of messing anything else up. the bike seems to go through gears fine right now with it turned off. any advice is very appreciated. I would like to do things myself but if its to bad then il suck it up and pay a shop i guess, this is me looking for any basic things i can check. im in the process now of findining the spark plug to check for spark 

Mine did the same, ended up changing the ignition pickup coil that time. Then this spring it refused to start, sounds kind of like yours. Will turn over but missing something to start, replaced the reg/rect, starts every time now.

Put it in gear and rock it back and forth HARD to free up the TDC 


This happens sometimes when you stall it

On the 03-04 WR's there is a plug for the Decompression Level that used to be on the head of the early 400 & 426.  It is possible it is either blow out or leaking.  You can purchase an after market Decompression plug that will be secured with a bolt.  It may be your issue.  If not, I suggest you get one anyway.  The factor pressed plugs have been know to fail.

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