Let's put our heads together and find an easy way to sell stuff here on TT. So far just saying I've got this or that for sale may work pretty well. But people get mad when something is retracted and goes to Ebay. Sure everybody wants to help each other out, but if your selling something of course you would like top dollar or a reasonable offer. I don't want to sound like sour grapes, but a guy was selling a top clamp here recently. A few people asked questions but I was first to say I'll take it. (Sounds like a little kid don't it). Sent him an e-mail "hold those clamps, a money order will be in the mail today!" He returns an email says cool. Today he returned my money order and said he decided to sell to somebody else! I don't think it's fair to give his screen name, at least he was honest enough to give my damn money back. Even if there is a good method, there has to be a way to keep from being ripped too. Hopefully nobody will say "GOT A 426, $2000, SEND ME A CHECK AND IT'S YOURS" Look at the potential problems here. 1. some guys get pissed 2. people start malining one another on TT 3. what if the guy has a true piece of crap or worse don't even have a bike. I know this is extreme, but there are some clever guys who chat here who can come up with simple "IT'S MINE"...2 a simple 2 day auction...(example..Selling top clamp to high bidder ends 2-13-02 10:00 est.)..3 a classified section. If everybody is happy, with the current method,cool beans, but any suggestions would be worth reading.

I think I agree.

I want both. I want to know when someone has something for sale, and I want to see the questions and opinions associated with the item for sale.

It would also be really cool to have an area where vendors could post their pitch without the spam. Knowing that they too face the wrath of unhappy or opinionated users. Perhaps that would sharpen them up.

However, based on my own experience, it's hard to play fair when you list something for sale. At the same time, if I had something for sale, I would much rather see a fellow TT'er get it for a great price than a 2 smoke user.

Lastly, I would hate to see too much separation between a classified board, and the chat that takes place on the regular board. Again, I like to read user's thoughts on products that they have or may purchase.


OK..You got jerked around by one guy, who, judging by what you said has no honor. You played that game fair and square.. What people DON'T like is when you say. HEY look I'm selling this!! Then when they reply, you say, NOT!!.. Decide what you want for your item and sell it to the 1st. guy who replies with your price, or someone that has helped you in any way in the past. Of course common sense applies, if your selling big ticket or buying big, don't be afraid to ask who else he's delt with here on TT or even Ebay. I have made many good purchases and trades here on TT, and believe me. I trust my T-Talk brother's more than anyone on some other sites.. Just my .02


I think these are all good options. but, in the past 3 sales I have done(not only on here but on a similar forum for my truck) I have sold parts and shipped them through a COD(Cash On Delivery) system through UPS. Its really simple. You take the package to the post office and tell them you want it, then they take the amount for the COD. I always tell them the price I sold the part for plus shipping. (So if shipping is 10 and the part is 20, you say the COD is for 30) You pay for it, but then you get a check back in a few weeks. You get your money, and they get their part. Ive had 3 successful sales through this. It isnt that much more expensive either. Just my $.02.


It is a pet peeve of mine to see people offering things to the high bidder here like eBay. I agree that I would rather just see a posted price for TTers. Several people have done that recently (renthal bars, boots, etc)!

I am not in favor of a classified section though. I like the discussion that arises from some of the posted "for sale" items.

However, to each his own.

I will simply ignore the posts that I don't like. :)


Steve T

If a sale turns into a discussion, than it WILL turn into high bidder gets the goods. I think a "for sale" section would be the best option.

Yeah, I like to see the discussions related to a offer to buy or sell. Thing is, I generally won't repond to this kind transaction because sellers are general too hedgy and ARE looking for a high bidder. If it's a great deal at the named price then someone will buy it and appreciate that TT was the resource for them to accomplish this.

Also, once you post something for sale, you really can't require further "qualification" of the buyer (beyond ability to pay or shipping terms, etc.) Either sell it or keep it. "One way" classified postings are a much more equitable arrangement. Questions, offers, haggling, etc. should be via private message.

Also, the priviledge to offer things for sale should be restricted from professional "sellers." Get an ebay account if that is what you are into.

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