Found 04 yz450f with less than five hours. Are these bikes good?

I race an 06 honda 450r.  Just got this low hour creme puff in a trade.  Still has the original tires (not dry rotting) with the tits on them.  My honda has mega hours on it, but I'm still happy with it.  I'm wondering if this 04 would make me a good race bike since it is like new.  I cleaned the carb and ran it down the street.  It feels pretty strong.  I hate to get it dirty.  I can't find much on the internet about the strengths and weaknesses of this bike.  I'll add some pics shortly.  Opinions?

Doesn't look like it has ever seen mud.



Nice find there for sure I just bought an 04 and am very pleased with it they will take a beating all day and not let you down wish it had another gear but getting use to the 4 speed don't take to long

The '03-'05 (Gen1) YZ450F is an extremely reliable bike if well maintained.  That means using good oil, changing the oil AND servicing the filter every two to three rides, and staying after the air filter.  The '04 in particular has about all the low and mid range power most people can manage, and they don't really lack anything on top to speak of.  The bike has a 4 speed trans, but that doesn't mean they just left 5th out; 4th falls between where 4th and 5th are on the later 5 speeds. 


They are kind of high strung, and are a little prone to stalling because of their lack of rotating mass in the engine, so they can be a little tough to adapt to if ridden in tight trail areas at low speeds, and they are somewhat reluctant to turn into corners until you start to get the hang of things.  On the other hand, they rail berms like nobody's business, and they are comparatively very stable at speed.  The rear suspension is excellent; same basic KYB shock as is still in use, and the forks, while they are not great, are still quite a bit better than the '03 and earlier stuff.

Awesome bikes! Great power, super reliable!

This thing is a wheelie machine on the street.

I'm located here in Miami, FL and I currently race with FTR bka Florida Trail Riders. I use to own a 2001 YZ250F until I ran across my buddy's 2005 YZ450f just sitting in his garage taking up space. I have to admit, this bike is an absolute beast in the woods. All I did was set-up the suspension with fork springs and and rear spring, thru a fly-wheel on, and voila...23r262u.jpg

Man I wouldn't even want to ride that thing! I'd make a shelf for it over my fire place! hahaha I've never seen one that clean since they were on the showroom floors! Nice find

@torkd14, Thanks Bro! The owner before myself was a Fire Fighter who kept it in a garage and might have rode 2 to 3 times a year. It was definitely a great steal and glad I was able to get the bike...

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