yamaha yz 450 f enduro from italy (need help)

Hi everybody, i come from the north of italy and i bought this fantastic bike! It's a 2013 yamaha 450 yz for enduro use (lights, license plate, etc) but i need to know some tips and tricks about enduro use of this motorcycle.

I have a yz power tuner too but i don't know about the choosable maps.

So, in this forum is there someone who can help me with some informations and tricks to make more enduro-addict this bike?


Here you are and see you soon




Nice looking bike and interesting that you went Japanese considering some of the cool looking bikes like Fantic coming out of Italy and over all other European makers.


This will most likely get moved to the Yamaha specific forum where you may get info on mappings.


Otherwise for my cfr250R I added a 11oz flywheel, 13t/51T gearing, getting the suspension correct and going through lots of different rear tire options

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Look in the index, specifically, this forum index: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/13-yz-400426450/


At the top, there are "pinned" (locked in place) topics.  EFI maps are listed, and there is an index to lots of tech stuff in "Common Threads". 


In the rest of the index, there are 2 or 3 running threads on modifying the YZ450 for "woods" riding.  We call it enduro, too, but "woods", as in the forest, is the term more often used.  "Hare Scrambles" is another type of off-road racing done in the U.S., so you can search topics regarding that term and YZ450, too.


For example: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1128884-best-mods-for-woods-riding-a-yz/

Thank tou very much for your answers! they will  make me more "woods riding addict"!


See you soon!

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