Oem part number?

Okay so I need a new accelerator pump diphram and was wondering what is th difference of the 2 they both cost the same


Don't want to order the 2nd part and have it be to big would it be an upgrade or is it a bigger size? Any help is greatly apriciated

The difference is in the length of the button, or rivet, on the bottom of the diaphragm.  The button is what stops the pump at the end of the stroke, and longer buttons produce a shorter stroke with less output, while shorter buttons do the opposite.  The 5JG-14940-18-00 is the standard one, and you should probably stay with that.


Read these over (from Common Threads):




Thanks for the advice gray hopefully it solves my problems after I moved the needle from the #6 to #4 I have had to run the bike with the choke on when I shut the choke off it will stay idling but when I try and give it gas it shuts off? With choke out it will run decent but I don't trust what the air fuel it have my screw out 21/4 turns and the header does not glow even after idling a few min thinking about getting a fuel injection kit and trying that

That's the fuel injection Kit that I plan on using just not sure if it would work on my bike without a battery

But that's not the topic of this post, is it?

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