New to me 03 YZF450

I posted on here for opinions about 450s a couple of weeks ago and was recommended to search for a YZF. Well, I found one with approximately 20 honest hours and  bought it. It is an 03, the guy thought it was an 04, but it doesnt matter to me. I don't plan on racing this time around and frankly, I don't think I will ever ride to this bikes capabilities. This bike has the original decals on it and is completely like it came from the dealer. The guy has not ridden it except in the yard to keep it running for the last 5-6 years. Stil has the original tire. Cranks first kick if I hit the combination right. I have ridden an 03 Honda back in 05 when I had my 125. I rode an 07 KXF450 the other day. This bike doesn't seem as strong as the KX. It is explosive off the bottom but seems to run out of steam on the top end a little compared to the KX. 

So how is the 03 YZ450 as far as 450s go? The group I am looking to ride with all seem to be buying 450s. They are trail riding. I am the only one in the group right now with racing experience and track time. Not looking to return to race per the wife's wishes, but would like to hit Durham Town and some trails.

Durhamtown? Are you in Georgia if you don't mind me asking. Specifically close to Macon by any chance.

I love the 03. Actually one of my favorite bikes to ride out there because of that wicked hit down low and they're extremely reliable

I would consider myself lucky it turned out to be an 03 over an 04

I just found an 04 with less than five hours. I have an 06 crf 450 that I race at dtown in the 40+ class. Got home early and rode our backyard track. Initial impression with no setup is that it doesn't turn as good as the Honda. It has less power, but puts it down good. Since its like new I may keep it if I can dial it in.

Durhamtown? Are you in Georgia if you don't mind me asking. Specifically close to Macon by any chance.

In the Plains/Americus area.

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