barnett clutch springs

I just put a Barnett clutch kit( plates and HD springs) in my 99 yz400 and the clutch pull is a lot harder. Would it help to switch every other spring for a stock one?

Hey, I have a 99 YZ400, too and was looking into the Barnett clutch. How much harder was the pull?

You should just run stock springs with it. Ufortunately, if it is the Kevlar kit you installed, you may not be happy with it. Mine was so "grabby" and harsh feeling at slow speeds, I had to take it out. This was a big prob. for me because I race enduros. But for moto it may not be so terrible. I put a Moose(DP) clutch in and it feels as smooth or smoother than stock and just as strong. $.02

The Barnett springs are WAY too stiff. Stick with stock springs.

i run 3 stock springs and 2 barnett springs on my makes it a littlebit harder to pull than stock and adds enough tension to stop clutch slippage.dont worry it wont hurt engine racers have been doing it for years.if you decide to use both springs make you dont put stiff springs in a row. crisscross them

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