01 wr426 front brake hang up malfunction wheel won't turn

Caliper and pad are 1:1 why?

This topic may have been touched on in 1983 but I am ok with that


 Not sure I understand.....


 But if you have hydralic lock on the front brake calper, loosen the master cover to release excess oil, and it will go away.


....time to service that disc, fella...


If that doesn't work, crack the banjo at the master.

Owner clean the pistons with a swap and iso alcohol. We found the pistons would not move forward in unison even after working and cleaning.

I was hesistant to bleed his brakes for him. Every time I bleed brakes for someone they freak out and think I ruined it because the lever is less stiff. Thanks for the info I really didn't know what to do next other than bleed. He balked when he saw that I made this thread as did many. Flame worthiness aside I learned something...

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