YZ426 out of WR400 ?

Does anyone know if an '00 YZ426 motor will fit into an '00 WR400 frame and if so, what kind of modifications are necessary?

Does anyone know if an '04 YZ426 motor...

Well, there's no such thing as an '04 YZ 426. If you mean '04 450 motor in an '00 WR chassis I think you may run into some problems, as the cases are different. Any 426 motor should bolt directly in to your '00 WR chassis.

I don't think he said 04...Yes, the 426 should bolt right up.

I don't think he said 04

He edited it to correct the year.

I have a '99 WR400 frame that I just dropped an '01 YZ426 motor into, it fit right in, the only thing is the CDI has to match the stator, I had to use the WR400 stator for the lighting, the bike will only run with the 400 CDI, not the 426 CDI

but if DS lighting is not a concern you can go ether way...

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