Replacing main jet on a 01 426

New to the motorcycle world, looking for some help on how to change the main jet on a 01 426.

I have the owners manual but is no real help to a novice. Thanks for the Help!!!

You need a 17mm socket and a 6mm socket. First, drain the carb bowl with the drain screw. (allen head) Remove the large plug on the bottom of the carb bowl. You will be able to see the tip of the main jet if you look into the hole. Use the 6mm to take it out. You can do it in less than two minutes.

Turn off your fuel at the petcock and run your engine until you suck the carb dry.

what he said above!! :D


You WILL have gasoline EVERWHERE unless you turn your petcock off and run your carb dry of fuel.

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Ditto on the above advice. Also, if you use one of those small mechanic's mirrors, you can see up into the bottom of the carb and locate the main jet and pilot jet. When installing a main jet, don't over tighten. It's only brass so it will strip easily. Just snug and then a little more will suffice. Be gentle.

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