Do I have the Power-up Kit?

I bought a real minty XR600 from an elderly gentleman who thought the bike was too heavy. I have ridden XR600s in baja before, but none seemed to have the power that this one does. It has a pretty generic looking FMF muffler. Is there an easy way to tell if this bike has the Power-up Kit option?


If your bike has stock gearing, put it in third gear, roll on the throttle.

If the front wheel comes up you have the kit.

The only way to tell is if your barrel has "NH4" written on it. NH is Honda code for HRC products.

The other way is to ull the engine down...time...waste...just ride and have fun!!



Well, I guess I've just answered my own question. At the base of the cylinder on the right hand side, is stamped 591 cm3. Stock cc. Lovin' the power though!

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