OK, it looks like we will make the 50 qty discount. So send $8 per set, plus $3 for shipping one set and an additional $1 for each additional set.

So if you want two sets:

$16($8/setx2) + $3(1st set) + $1(2nd set)= $20

If we do not make the fifty quantity. I will buy the extra sets to make sure we get the $8/set price. The shipping is to cover getting them from the vendor to me, envelopes and shipping to you.

All money MUST be to me by April 7th. I WILL order on April 9th. If your money does not get to me in time. I will note what day it was recieved and you will get any extras on a first come, first served basis. For those that end up not getting anything :). I will return your money :D

It will take two weeks for the printer to ship to me. I will be sending them to you via US Mail from Pennsylvania.

DON'T WAIT, GET THE MONEY COMING! Especially you left coasters.

Bill Hall

79 New Bridgeville Rd

Wrightsville, Pa 17368

Don't forget to provide a return address.

Please keep replying on the other post, so I have an idea of how many we will need.

Bill :D


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Bring to the top...

Bill, is a personal check ok?

Boy I hope that a personal check is ok cause I just threw mine in the mail, and that whole mail scandal I was in a year ago about stealin mail would not go over well again if I said I was just trying to get my own mail out. :)

Yes, you may send a personal check. If it bounces, you won't get your stickers and Vito will come looking for you :D

Bill :)

Nothing like getting your knee caps shot off while you are putting the garbage out in the moring.



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

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93' CR-80 (Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

Het there Bill,

Question: I am here in Australia, so what I will do is have my friend Eli send you the check and have you send the decals to him.

Is that OK?


Checks on it's way!


I would expect you do something out of the norm :). No big deal dude.

Just in case Eli drops the ball, how many sets do you want?


One set please, Bill!

Wrote a check last night and dropped it in the snail mail box this AM. Thanks Bill.

To the top!

The check's in the mail!

(that's the first time I've actually meant it) :)

2-sets Thanks Bill! Mailing check in the morn.

Three sets for me, Bill. Thanks.

Hey Bill do you take PayPal? You know the ebay payment service? If so post your account here and the money will be in your account tomorrow.

2 sets BRO... love ya man... :)


Don't have PayPal available, sorry dude.



Did I have to order before, or can I send you $11.00usd and get some decals? I think its a great idea.



Just get the check here by 4/7.


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