New (to me) 2003 WR450f. HELP RANDOM WIRES

I recently picked up a 2003 wr450 for cheap. it had a broken case due to the kickstarter issue. I had it welded and am in the process of putting it back together.


I am just wondering what these random wires around the carb are for, i can't find a spot to plug them in.


Also, there is only one throttle cable. What is the second one for and where does it go?





The 2 white plugs go into each other. It's for the throttle position sensor.

You only need 1 throttle cable but 2 are safer to avoid being stuck wide open. One cable pulls throttle open. The othe pulls it closed.

The plugs are different. One had three wires and the other has two. The one with three is already plugged in. And the spot where the second throttle cable is supposed to go is non existent. I think someone put a different carb on the bike. Its still a keihin but its a little different. Can i still run the bike like this?

That is definitely the  wrong carb for the bike.  I will most likely work.  I would disregard the TPS on the carb.  The carb you have on the bike with the outgoing pigtail on the TBS does not match the pigtail for incoming to the CPU.  I don't think it will cause too much of a problem.  There are several theories about the need for the TPS anyway.  If the carb you have on the bike now can support the second throttle cable, I would suggest you get one.  This is a safety issue.

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