06 450f still wont run

So....rebuilt top end including valves after oring leaked out all coolant. Water Pump is good. Engine runs with choke pulled and throttle response good. With choke off throttle response is slow. Engine stuters and pops when trying to rev up only on bottom end. Once past 1/4 throttle runs like a top. When decelerating it acts like ignition is intermittent once engine gets to lower rpm. Dies right away but generally starts right back up.Have cleaned carb, swapped carb, swapped coil on plug, and valve setting is good. WTF? Getting my butt kicked. Checked voltage to tps good, ohms good. Still runs bad not smooth on low rpm to 1/4throttle. Noticed on last time testing now quite a bit of oil pucking out breather hose off top of valve cover. If i cant get this solved gonna have to go with plan b which doesnt end well! Help!

Try putting another cdi on it if you have another avaliable seems about the only thing you have not tried

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