Gearing options

Hey guys, does any one have a good gearing ratio for a '14 wr450

I am running the stock gearing now, and really enjoy the pull 2nd gear has climbing hills.

But my top speed is kind of weak. It probably tops out at 60 mph? I'd like to get it to anywhere between 80mph -95mph. What are these guys running out in the desert?

I remember seeing a video of KC doing 80mph through the desert, and climbing hills like a tractor.

12/50 makes first low enough so not on the clutch all the time in the woods but will still do 80mph in top gear

I actually went the other way:


14/50 for open trails (high desert terrain).


There's no way (at my elevation of 7000+feet) that a 13/50 gearing will do over 65 w/o over revving it.


then I have another set of wheels w/ a different rear sprocket for dualsport at 14/47.


For tight woods/trails, I just use a different bike: my KX250 modded for woods.

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It will do 85 indicated on the speedo with stock gearing but it feels like it's gonna explode. It needs a sixth gear. At 50 I'm trying to up shift while riding fast trails. I think first is not low enough either but people seem to like MX close ratio gear boxes. Offroad bikes should climb trees in first and do triple digits in top gear. Add as many gears as you need to make it happen.

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