aluminum clutch cover

Anyone know who sells aluminum clutch covers?


why do you want an aluminum cover? Looks, weight savings? The stock cover is made out of magnesium so I don't think you'll save any weight.

Procircuit has both clutch and ignition covers for the YZF's


I want aluminum because I can repair it if the hole is small. Also they are more durable. Magnesium is light and stiff but brittle and you cannot weld, pound, or grind it like aluminum. Carbon fiber is the same.

I had a small rock bounce off my boot, ding my cover and put a 1/4 inch crack in it. If it were aluminum I could fix it. sells them for $90. They aren't listed on the websight. You have to call them.

1-800-834-9363 :)

Procircuit only sells Magnesium. Thanks though.


[ February 12, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lawrence ]

I fixed the small hole in my ignition cover with JB Weld. Two years later it is still holding!

I was told JB weld is porous so I don't think it would work on the clutch cover, but if I ever crack my ignition cover I will certainly try that.


Dan :)

It really doesn't matter which side since both sides have oil to contain (on the YZF that is). The JB Weld has kept the oil in without a problem. All this is somewhat moot since you would rather have something you can weld and luckily you have found it. I would be interested in seeing photos of the aluminum cover when you get it. Post some if you can.

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