Stock carb settings

Just wondering if anyone knew the what the factory settings on a 08 yz450 carb. Idle speed . Low speed fuel screw . Is there any adjustments on it

I've posted on here asking sole questions just seein if they could be answered and haven't had one response &%$#@!in rippers my ass

Impatient bugger, aren't you?  It's Sunday, most people are out riding somewhere, and a question you posted at 3:41 AM PDT wasn't answered in two hours.  OMG.


Base pilot screw setting is listed for your information along with the rest of the OEM carb specs in the jetting pinned topic.  The fuel screw base position is listed as 1.5-2.0 turns out.  That's only a starting point.  Idle speed is more or less a matter of preference, and the basic position is gauged by inserting a 1.25mm (.049") drill bit under the slide, then tightening the idle speed stop screw until the drill just becomes free.  That's roughly a turn and a half tighter than the point at which the screw contacts the linkage while the slide is completely closed.

Thanks lol I no it was late I was tryin to get it ready to ride myself on Sunday

I installed the quickshot 3 and can't get it to start by kicking but if I bump it then it will run

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