2002 cr 125 antifreeze in the cylinder

Hoping to confirm my solutions here so my bike runs great has a new cylinder,piston and gasket set. I'm getting antifreeze in the cylinder for sure. So the head gasket, base gasket and water pump seal is where the problem is????? I know it could be cracked somewhere or something but I need to figure out where it's coming from should I replace the base gasket, head gasket and water pump seals?

I would, only cost's a few $ for the gaskets.


when you do them make sure all the old stuff is off.

So did I miss anything? Is there a way to check one or the other?

unless its leaking on the outside also there is no real way to know without tearing into it.

I had the same issue with my 450 turns out aftermarket gaskets don't seal as well and they'll leak

Or you didn't torque it right

Why is it always somethjng lol. I torqued it.

Why is it always somethjng lol. I torqued it.

are they original stock gaskets or aftermarket

They were aftermarket

They were aftermarket

just go with Honda OEM parts there more expensive but last longer and work better

So I found the problem it was the head gasket. Replaced it with a cometic head gasket and torqued to 20 ft pounds, going riding sunday will see how it does

Cometic was the gasket brand that failed on me

I used cometic on my 05 Drz sm 434cc with success so I just went with it. I've always heard cometic was top of the line. It took maybe 45 minutes to swap it out so if it goes again.

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