Tahuya Ride

Anyone up for riding Tahuya on Friday (03Apr)? Looking for a group to get together and go. I figured Tahuya is a bit more beginner friendly lol. I tried Green Mountain as my first ride in years.

Where are you staging ? what time ? I will come out and ride for a few hours . Josh .

No idea lol. I'm still new to the area but I was told there is a gas station in Belfair that we could meet at. I was thinking around 10am.

you riding rain or shine ? 

Probably. If you only ride when nice, you'll never ride here lol

 I was told there is a gas station in Belfair that we could meet at. .

Safeway, is the easiest landmark...if you're coming from the freeway. You gotta drive right by it.

safeway is good , qfc is good , mcdonalds is good (even better if you're able to make breakfast)

I was thinking that way for gas and food lol.

So it looks like a wet ride, but I'm down if anyone else is. So far, meet at the Safeway gas station about 10am and go from there.

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Would love to go , but im limited to weekend riding. I'll be out there this saturday 

looks like we might have a small break in the weather for Friday ! 

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