2004 Kx250f intake cam

does anyone know if i have to replace both intake and exhaust cams if only one of them is messed up? Or can I just get a new intake cam cuz my exhaust is fine.

How many hours on the top end? there's no point having one cam with a lot of hours and one brand new,if you were keeping the bike for long term get two new cams and if you will sell soon after and short on money by all means put only the one in.And if it was my bike I would be worried about why one cam is "messed up" and what else will be ready to go,maybe time for a new top end?

It's a fresh top end I sent my head out and got all new valve and my seat cut and what not. But before that I was shiming the valves and I had clearance but for some reason it like clef up and the lobes staid in position but the cam chain spun and the only the sprocket on the intake cam turned so my timing marks are off. So my exhaust cam is fine the timing marks line up to spec it's just the intake

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