RM85 low end bog & overheat

Need some help I just bought a 2003 RM85 Has V force reeds, Pro circuit Platinum expansion chamber with a R304 silencer stock size piston. I am having an overheating & low RPM bogging issue Top end rebuilt & just installed a set of OEM head gasket o-rings & water pump. opened up the Carb & it has a 128 main jet & 50 pilot jet Also mixed gas at 32:1 can somebody tell me if this sounds right & if the wrong jetting could cause an overheating issue. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am new to 2 strokes

I am ready to just part this thing out

That's the stock jetting.  You need a #45 pilot jet and leave the main at stock. Slide needle needs to be in the 2nd groove from the top.  Air screw at 1-3/4 out.  If you just putt around it will over heat.  The RM85 need air going threw the radiator or it will puke antifreeze.  Also need a #8 heat range on the plug.  You may also have an air leak causing it to run lean and that will make it over heat.  What color is the spark plug?  Needs to be a coco brown.  Gray or white is lean, black is rich.

Thank you for the info & sorry I didn't reply back had to walk away from it for awhile

well tore into it & found there is a gap between the cylinder & the sleeve that is not concentric so it looks as if the antifreeze is coming up from the water jacket to the O-ring going to get a new cylinder does anyone know what the changes are to the 2005+ cylinders are & would they work on my 2003 & also what I would have to change to use the newer style cylinder?

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