2013 RMZ450 standard clicker settings and spring weight



Can anyone help, i've searched for a service manual and info but can't find either.


Does anybody know the 'factory' clicker settings for the Showa sff fork and rear shock as i've just bought a 2013 450 and want a rough ball park setting to start from.


Also i weigh 84kg (185lb) with gear on, are the stock springs ok or do i need softer ones, again i can't find any charts for the information.


Thanks in advance


350ml oil

Comp 9 out

Reb 12 out

Preload 6 in from all out


HSC 2 out

LSC 12 out

Reb 12 out

You should be pretty close to being right for the stock spring rate. You could possibly go down one or two spring rates front and rear

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Cheers rotaholic, those clicker settings are roughly what it had. It handles terrible to be honest, the front keeps washing out and the rear struggled for grip and kept bucking up on ruts etc even with the hs comp wound off. With the correct race sag the free sag was nearly 50mm so im gonna go for softer springs.

I've read mixed opinions about the forks so am going to get them set up properly with the correct spring before I go down the road of revalving.

Wind the preload to full out, and run the forks about 5mm in the clamps

These forks NEED a revalve. You'll hate them till then

Cheers guys for the advice. Taking it to rg3 next week and will go from there. Something needs to be done.

My mate Ritchie at RG3 here in NZ did mine, handles like a cat on carpet. You will be blown away at how good the RMZ will become

Got my suspension back from Dale at RG3 now and will get them fitted this week. Had smart valves fitted and a harder spring on the shock (now standard as it was a softer spring). I'll post an update to how it feels.

Oh forgot to say I took the bike to dale before the revalve and the forks needed some pre load and the sag was too little on the rear. He set it up and felt way better, it turned well, the rear absorbed bumps better and settled in ruts better. He only made minor adjustments but it made a huge difference. He said the sag is critical, 5 mm either way can make a huge difference. The forks still felt harsh mid stroke though.

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