CRF276R Big Bore Build

So after adjusting my valves, my 06 still would not start, still had low compression. So I Tore it down today. Gonna need a top end so I'm going with the big bore just for the heck of it pretty much. Already ordered a 276 kit with a Wiseco 13.5:1. The bike already has a stage 3 cam installed which will compliment the bIt bore pretty well. A buddy of mine is going to port/polish the head this week. So pretty much I have no clue where to start with jetting. Im going to want to lean it out right?image.jpg

Typically the big bore produces more vacuum in the motor. Be careful with those I know a guy port jobs. This isn't a 350 chevy...the ports on that head don't need to be any bigger than they already are. In fact they could probably use a little welding. I'm no expert with a flow bench but honda seems to like big ports. Just take out the casting imperfections and sharpen the divider between ports. Polish the ex. Port leave a haze on the intake ports for the fuel to stick to. It will help the fuel atomize.

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