2000 CR250 Manual?

Howdy folks,


My buddy just swapped his ktm for a cr250 '00 model. Took it to our first race meet and it wouldn't fire. 
Checked everything we could at the track and managed to get it to start (was incredibly smokey) and got one lap before it died.

Continued to play around and check the plug but no joy.


Wondering if anyone can do us a huge favor?
Does anyone have a pdf version of Workshop manual for a 2000 cr250 they could email me?


We would really appreciate it as the ktm that was swapped was flawless, 1st kick and go.


If anyone does have a manual message me on here and I can give you my email address.


Thanks guys...

Even if someone could screenshot the specs pages at the start it would be helpful. I have no idea where the mixture screw should be set, how much trans oil is needed, etc.

Do a  google search, you can buy a downloadable one for under $15

I have one now thanks.

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