Radiator interchangeable?

I found a steal on a 2009 radiator for only $25 with a small cosmetic dent in the bottom (cap side) now it says it only fits 09 and 10. But I was looking on mylers site and they're selling a used one that's says it fits 09-15. I would assume they would be accurate but I just wanted to know if anyone tried this?

I have a 2012

I have a 15' and the mounting locations along with the size and everything looks the same as my previous 09.. i would say go for it

Dont think it will fit on the newer bikes, they require mount holes on the bottom of the left rad. If I remember correctly they were not required on the 2010 and prior bikes 

Thanks for the replies, I'll give a couple people including mylers a call in the morning to make sure there's no error and give some feedback!

Okay so the left side is 09-10 only and it changed in 11, but the right side (cap side) is 09-15. Hope this helps anyone!

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