I'm cursed!

Twice a year, there is a big trail ride at Loretta Lynn's ranch here in TN.  It is a great ride and lot's of fun, but I am cursed every time I ride there.  I've had a YZ-250F jump timing when I was headed down for sound check, and then the stator went out right at the end of the weekend.  Last fall, on my YZ 250, I made one loop of the main trail and my front wheel bearings blew up.  This weekend, with the same YZ 250, I made one loop of the main then camp back to camp to switch out my plastic to my set with the bigger tank.  Got that done, turned on the petcock, and fuel starts pouring out of my carb overflow line.  What the heck!!!!  How does a carb go from not leaking any, to pouring out fuel when I didn't touch it??


Spent several hours screwing with the carb trying to get it to start working right.  Everything looked fine inside, but it still kept on leaking.  I managed to get a few rides in by only opening the petcock a little bit, instead of all the way.  Now that I'm home I can clean the bike up and tear the carb apart (again) to properly figure this stupid thing out.  I hate having to work on the dirty bike while at a ride.


Floats looked good, played around with float height to no avail, blew out the fuel lines, blew in the fuel line while pushing the floats up to verify it was sealing.....just can't figure it out.  Really crazy how it went from 0 leak to a full downpour just like that.


I'll take any suggestions of places to check for issues.  I did check the tip of the float needle and it looks fine.

That's crazy.  I was gonna point a finger at the tip of the needle valve or seat.....but if you checked that, I don't know.

Although a thing of the past, floats can sink in fuel. It's either that or your needle and seat are worn out or there is a chunk of debris stuck in there. That's really all it could possibly be.

Must have got a piece of junk from your gas tank end up wedged between the needle and seat

I'm guessing this is probably "user error".  Been thinking about it today.  I have 2 gas tanks...but only one gas cap.  So my big tank was off the bike for a couple of months, sitting in an open box in my garage with the rest of the white plastic.  My guess is that it got some dirt/dust in it, and when I put it on the bike and added gas the dirt went straight through to the carb.  Just got the bike washed, so in the next day or two I'll pull the carb back off and do a proper cleaning.  


At the ride I did pull the float needle and made sure nothing was blocking it there, so maybe it is something else.  

Got the carb off the bike, reset the float height since I had been monkeying with it, and blew some compressed air back through the float seat and out the fuel line.  Pretty sure I felt some grit coming out the fuel line.  Put it all back together, turned on the gas and no leak!  Just wish I had borrowed some compressed air or something at the ride and done this while I was out there.


Next step, buy a second gas cap so I don't leave one sitting wide open in my garage.

glad you got it fixed, until you get another gas cap use some plastic bag and a elastic to hold it on.

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