Big tank fitment

I have a 2003 WR450 supermoto. Right now it has mostly stock seat/tank/plastics, with a cut down front fender and a YZ rear fender with DRC Edge light. 


I'd like to get longer range on a tank, 2.6 gallons doesn't get me all that far if I'm having fun. I found a 4.1 gallon tank on CL, the guy said it was on his 2006 WR450. Will it fit my 2003? I know I've read that the shrouds are different, but is there anything else I need to replace to make it work?

It's a little hard to answer your question without knowing the brand of tank you are trying to fit to your 2006 bike. However, I moved the 3.3 - 3.5 gal. Acerbis tank from my 2003 to my 2006 WR450 without any problems. The 2006 WR's used the same radiator shrouds as the 2006 YZ's. You will have to buy YZ shrouds for the 2003 WR. The Acerbis tank had two threaded holes for the seat alignment pin that screwed into the stock tank. One hole was for a YZ seat and one hole was for a WR a seat.

I've heard numerous claims of gas boiling in the oversized tanks

That being said, never had an issue I've found with my Clarke tank

So have I. Someone here (local to me) had one that he was literally throwing away for that reason, said he wasn't willing to sell it because of the boiling issue. On a road-going supermoto I imagine it's less likely to be a problem. 


He wants $60 for it, so it seems worth it to me. A set of shrouds isn't too expensive either. 

Well, for the price you might as well give it a try man.

Been happy with my 3.6 Clarke though


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Now, you have raised another issue. Although you have not mentioned the brand name of the tank you are considering for purchase, you should be aware that IMS tanks for the steel framed WR450's have on occasion, melted due to heat generated from the header pipe. Clark, Acerbis and GYTR (Acerbis made this tank) tanks manufactured for the steel framed WR450's did not have a melting issue.

The tank was designed to hang very low on the right-hand side of the bike and was located very close to the header pipe. Several fires were the result of this condition and were discussed on Thumper Talk in the early years of its existence. A friend buried the remains of his burned steel framed WR450 in a pine forest in northern Baja California, after the IMS tank on his bike melted due to the heat generated by the header pipe. He then had to endure a long butt-numbing buddy-up ride back to his truck and later the threat of a law suit against his vehicle insurance company to receive compensation for his loss. Buyer beware.

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