#70 pilot jet in crf450x? Please tell me no

Ok long story short, 05 crf450x, white bros pipe and header, maxima filter, air box mod, emissions block off kit.

Bike was running wayyyyyy lean and almost impossible to start. Brought it to Honda, they checked valves, replaced plug, hot start cable tension, checked for air leaks and cleaned the carb inside and out. It was backfiring like crazy on decceleration. So I've been going up on the pilot jet size and the bike is almost perfect now #65 pilot. however it still feels like it needs to go bigger. What the heck is going on?? There is no way this thing needs so much fuel

Current specs:

#65 pilot

Fuel screw 3.25 turns out

Stock leak jet

#170 main

Stock needle

needle clip position 2nd notch from bottom (needle is almost all the way up)

Don't double post

Don't double post

I figured this jetting specific section would be a better place for this thread

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