Looking for stock fork & shock springs 2006-09 yz450f

Hey guys not in this section of the forum very often. But i thought I would throw it out there.



I am looking for stock springs for a 2006-09 yz450f, I looked up part numbers and they will fit my 06 yz250 I am 200lbs and the spring rates I need are .47ish and 5.7ish. The 06-09 have this rate or one step either side of it. I'm also hunting ebay but thought i would ask here. Im not sure why I cant get any part number matches for 2010+ something changed. Does anyone have any ideas what? and if 2010+ springs would fit and they are just 2 mm longer or something silly like that (lots of those on ebay for cheap in the rates im looking for)




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Stock YZF rear springs (in those years) might be tough to find as they are titanium...

I found a few springs and even more complete shocks. all cheap, but the problem is shipping. Most guys wont bother shipping to Canada and The rear shock is a steal as a complete unit, but the shipping costs (if they ship to canada) are huge due to its size and weight.


still, the hunt continues!

Neither the front nor rear springs are interchangeable between the 10+ models and any of the '09 and prior models.  The fronts are to long to be used, and the rears are larger diameter.

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