new fork oil maximum and minimum ammounts after respring?

Ok so I Did a fork service and while i was sliding the new springs in I had the though that the springs would be thicker or longer thus displacing more oil inside the fork. so what im wondering is in my manual for my 2002 honda cr 250 it says maximum 441 cc   minimum 345



im not sure what the stock spring rate i think  .43 sounds i put in .46 kg 


any help would be great wondering because i want to lower the fork oil level i currently have 390cc's in them if memory serves.

the Kawi Manual mentioned the stock oil volume inbetween 5cc, comparing soft springs to hard springs. min-max values even remain the same.

so nothing I would care about...

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The Honda owners manual gives this info for the stock plus the lighter and stiffer springs. Not enough difference to matter in the real world.

The amount of fork oil is really immaterial.  The critical measurement is the height of the air space above the oil when the springs are not in place.  Standard measurements with open cartridge forks vary from 110 - 150 mm.  With 110 mm, the forks will be a little 'stiffer' with a more progressive damping action.  At the other extreme of 150 mm of air height, the fork damping will be a little 'softer' and not as progessive. 

The later forks are twin chamber but the principle applies the same

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