2009 450R Small Rod End Play/Limits

Does anyone have supporting OEM reference data regarding rod-end play with the engine still in the frame.? I have the OEM Service Manual and Owners Manual, but I can't find the small rod-end play with the crankshaft still in the engine.


The rod does not have any end-to end (up/down) play. However, there is a fair amount of side-to-side play. I really don't think it's excessive, but I would like to have the actual OEM limitations on rod end play with the crankshaft still in the bottom end, and engine in the frame. I am really anal when it comes to acceptable service limits, and would like to have the actual limits on the rod-end play, crank/engine installed in the frame. I've looked all through the Service Manual, and all I can find is the service limits with the crankshaft removed. I've also used the TT search function, and can't find any supporting reference to what I'm looking for. Found plenty of personal opinions , arguments, and guess-work, but nothing supported by OEM data.


The attached pic's are from the 2009 CRF 450R Service Manual, Chapter 13, Page 22. (13-22)


Let me know if any of you guru's have the small rod-end service limits without removing the crankshaft. 


Thanks for any help provided.





What am I missing? How would the measurement different with the engine in or out of the frame?



I was simply hoping that someone may have the rod "small end" play/service limits with the crankshaft installed in the engine (side to side), not with the crankshaft removed. The connecting rod "big end" side clearance limits are, 0.02 inch (at the crank) with a feeler gauge; and the run-out service limits are R: 0.001" and L: 0.002" checked with a dial indicator. I was hoping that someone may know what the connecting rod side to side limits are at the small end. It would make things much easier. 


My question was not related to measuring the rod side clearance at the crank with the engine in or out of the frame... but rather if there was any supporting data (reference material) with respect to service limits; checking the connecting rod "small end" play. I wanted to make sure I was not missing something.. just double checking my thought process.   



The big end limits the top from moving. There is no "side play" spec for the top.



Sounds good.. I searched everywhere for the side to side play on the small rod end, couldn't find any reference on the top/small end.


I measured the bottom end clearance/pinch fit between the rod and crank, it was a tight/snug 0.19 in, which is below or within service limits IAW the Service Manual at 0.02 in. 


Thanks for the clarification.

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