Ticking noise after I ran out of fuel

Good day fellow Riders,


Hope all is well.


I have a bit of a situation that started some time ago.


I drove on the freeway at somewhat high rpm's (About 120km/h on a 46 tooth rear) when I ran out of fuel and had to switch to reserve.


Obviously the bike started decelerating and backfire like crazy as I struggled to get the switch over to reserve. The problem is that since that situation, I have sort of a ticking noise coming from the engine.


About 500km's beforehand, I checked the valve clearances, the cam chain was about 1000km's old with a MCCT, and I could not get the counter sprocket nut loose in order to add some loctite. Ive put on about 1200km's after this, and the noise still remains at the same tone/volume.


I am in the process of fixing it up nicely but have not yet had a chance to take a look.


Perhaps someone could share their input on what might have happened?


Thanks in advance,


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