crank issues



my bike is a wr450 2005

the grove of the woodruff of the rotor assy (magneto) is wrecked, there an option to fill it but it's very expensive.

recently i bought a YFZ rotor assy (magneto) and it fits the WRF perfect and works with no problem.


what i want to know is if anybody ever tried to put a YFZ crank ( with out the rod, this one i will put a WRs )in a WR?

will it fit? the catalog numbers are very similar except one letter.


on ebay its impossible to find a complete and used crank for a WR, thats why im asking because there is alot of the YFZ parts.



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Using a YFZ crank would require you to use a YFZ piston as well, and turn your 449cc engine into a 439cc. 

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