air filter choice

for the guys that ride more out west or in really dusty conditions what air filter/ filter oil or little tricks are u guys using to keep dust out of the intake, i find after a really bad 70= mile desert race my setup still lets a little dust thorugh, im using a white bors filter, pj1 oil, and a pc air box seal

Mat, I also use the White Bros. filter. I noticed that my carb does get dirty from time to time with muck, how did you notice that dirt was getting through you filter. I too ride in Nevada alot.


That's a good question. I wipe the boot with a white rag each time, "just to see." It's always pretty clean.

Just switched to a no-toil. Have to say that it is pretty convenient to clean the damned thing. Do it in the kitchen sink and dry it on the dish rack. Will be great on a road trip in the hotel room.

Do a search on here for white bros air filters and you'll find some info. I was reading the other day (don't remember my search keywords) and it seems that I read posts from a few people who said that the white bros filters let some dirt through in situations where other filters didn't.

I personally ride in the east and we sometimes have really dry dirt (the kind that leaves hanging clouds that look like fog) and with the stock filter nothing has gotten through yet. I do wash it after every ride when it's dry outside.

I have never noticed that with my White Bros filters. I ride mostly mx but since I live near Victorville, I do the occasional desert ride.

I recently started using the No Toil oil and have found that it works just as well as anything else i have tried. I have to say that my personal favorite filter is the Twin Air. They last forever. The No Toil filters appear to be as good a quality. I'll have to wait and see how they are for longevity.


dan, just when i pull off the filter there is a very light film of dust on the air boot, after a really dusty long race, i clean and re oil it regularly, i thought that the pc seal would be the trick, but not so sure now, do u guys use any wheel grease to seal the side of the filter that contacts the air box, alot of two strokes do that out here but id be worried about the high compresion sucking it through, thanks for the replys though

Mat, I have never put a filter on any of my bikes without grease around the seal. It's just something that my dad showed me years ago and I just stuck with it. I use Motul or Kalguard for filter oil. I use alot too. The only problem I have is that I sometimes clean my filter the night before a ride and I think that the filter hasnt dried completly and goo might get into some passages in the carb. I too like Twin-Air filters but the White Bros. works just as good. I've used No-toil also, good stuff.

Matt, how many times have I told you to just not let off on the bomb run till the end, young kid will never learn. You'll keep all that dust out of that motor if your in the lead. Get those filter skin things and try them. You better come back east for some good ol' Ohio mud harescrambles to remember what its like to spend 2 hours washing a bike. Don't be following those desert mirages of naked women either!!!--Kyle

wow kyle u finally figured out how to reply on this site, hey remember that race at big game on july 11, that was a fun race, lol

I got a No Toil kit about a year ago and I've been pretty happy with it ever since. I've bought two sets of three now and sent in for the free air filter. I do have a twin air filter and they're pretty much the same. As far as greasing the surface contact points I'd say it mandatory. I haven't had any problems with dirt seepage with the no toil kit. The only thing that isn't good about it however is the oil runs out way before the cleaner or grease.

I really hate that track, Big Game, ever since I got stuck in that mud hole for 5 laps, you shut up!! :)

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