01' yz250 clutch basket gear

I ordered a new pro x clutch basket for my 01' yz 250.  I had the old gear pressed out of the old basket and into the pro x.  When I put everything back together the bike runs but when I pull in the clutch and kick it into gear it spins the rear wheel.  Pulling in the clutch doesn't disengage the clutch.  I took the clutch back apart, you can see in the pictures it looks like the last friction plate is not flush with the end of the clutch basket fingers.  Kind of like the basket is too far out.  When I took the basket off again it looks like the shop left a gap between the small starter gear and the basket maybe about 3/32".  That 3/32" gap looks to be the same as between the friction plates and the basket fingers.  There are no marking on the gear of how far to press this into the basket.  We just pressed it in so it sat flush with the inside of the basket.  Has anyone swapped this gear out before?   I'm going to take the basket back to the shop and press that gear tight against the basket and see if that makes a different.  My question to you guys is does your pressure plate press against the friction plates or are your plates slightly recessed into the basket as mine are in the pictures?  


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I think I figured out the problem.  Basically my clutch wouldn't disengage at all.  I verified cable slack, even tried adjusting it with no slack to push the pressure plate further away allowing for more "free Slipping."  I checked out all other possible causes for a non dis-engaging clutch causes with no luck.


I believe I found the problem when I took of the pressure plate with the bike in neutral I tried to spin the inner clutch hub with the friction plate/spacers installed.  It was locked together with the basket.  I took out all the spacer/friction plates and tried to spin the inner hub within the basket again with no luck.  I then broke loose the large nut that holds on the basket, as soon as I did this the inner hub spins freely within the basket.  That being said there is a large washer that separates the basket from the inner hub.  When I cranked the large nut down it essentially locks the two together.  When the machine shop pressed the stater gear into the new basket we pushed it in until we thought it sat flush with the inside of the basket.  It actually needs to protrude through the basket a few 1000enths of an inch so the large separating washer can press against the bearing allowing the two to freely spin even when torqued down.  Right now the separating washer presses against the body of the basket and the hub, not the bearing like it should.  I will be taking the basket to the machine shop this afternoon to press the gear in to slightly protruding then post the results.  

Got the yz back to operating as it should.  It basically all came down to the starter gear not being presses into the clutch basket far enough.  Keep that in mind as an FYI if you ever swap clutch baskets and have to swap the starter gear.  I would recommend buying a basket with the starter gear already installed.  It's alot less work and they are only $30-40 more than the pro-x part I bought.  

I'm having this exact same problem with my 07yz250, but my starter gear is pressed in all the way so I'm not sure what else it could be?

I narrowed my problem down by taking the clutch cover off and trying to spin the inner hub by hand.  With the clutch lever pulled in everything should be free and spin.  My problem was when I cranked the big nut down it locked the inner and outer hubs together, the starter gear wasn't pressed in far enough to protrude out from the clutch basket to make a surface for the bearing to spin against.  Can you spin your pressure plate freely with the clutch lever pulled in?

I did all that as well and have the exact same problem as you had, but my starter gear is pressed as far as it can go. The very odd thing is I had the basket in and it ran for the last year or so. I had to rebuild the bottom end and after that it wouldn't spin. Nothing to do to with the bottom end rebuild would affect the clutch so that's where my confusion is

Is your starter gear protruding through the clutch basket?  It needs to be.  If it is flush or less than flush the basket will touch the pressure plate causing it to be locked up.   If the gear is pressed in 100% and it still doesn't stick through then you may have the wrong clutch basket.  What brand is it? Did you install the large washer between the clutch basket and the pressure plate?  Do you have pictures of inside of the basket with the gear pressed in?

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Were the spacers/washers put back in the right place? I believe the one behind the basket should be 3mm thick and the one behind the inner hub 2mm thick. Maybe you reversed them?

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Spacers were in the right order. I took it to a motor builder and the diameter of the hole on the bottom side of the basket was 10 thou smaller than the gear so he enlarged the bore for me and works like a charm now. Basket was a pro-x that I bought years ago.

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