Stiff clutch on TS250

Hey everyone, I've been working on getting a '71 TS250 back into riding trim over the last year or so. I've been quite successful so far, and have taken the bike for numerous trail rides, etc with little drama. However, I've noticed that my clutch is extremely stiff to operate compared to any other bike I've ridden. I know the cable is free, and I took the crank cover off to clean out as much gunk as I could. I recently changed the clutch case oil and roughed up the friction plates, so I feel like the issue might be something to do with the pushrod. 

Anyways, my clutch is really friggin stiff and I can't figure out how to change that. If anybody has any experience with these bikes or this issue, I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Probably not the push rod itself.  It simply slides back and forth.  Your cable may be free, but have you lubricated it recently?  Dry cable doesn't slide easily when in a curve, like it is going down to the side cover.  Also, if the 250 uses a nylon "worm drive" to push the push rod, they are famous for getting dirty and wearing out.  And being naturally hard to pull. 


My 74 185 has the worm mechanism on the left side of the engine, and even with new lubricated parts it is more difficult to pull than the clutch on my 78 that has the later mechanism on the right side of the engine.  WELCOME and Best wishes!


Also, a really helpful forum for dealing with the old 70s Suzukis is <suzukits.informe>  (think I have that address right)

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