YZ 250, KX 250 or 450f?

Hey guys this is my first post.

I'm coming from a 2006 Yz 125 with some aftermarket parts and looking to jump into a bigger bike class. I just sold my bike and have been persistently searching Craigslist for a good deal.

I am 6'2 175 pounds and 19. I bought the Yz 125 for a good deal and figured I wouldn't need anything else for trail riding, but I find myself a year later wishing I had bought something bigger.

I've been looking at a 2005 Yz 250 ($2800) a 2002 KX 250 $2200 and a 2006 450f ($2000)

Im mainly looking for another yamaha but will consider just about anything. I pretty much only ride trails, maybe a backyard track here or there but that's about it.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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