First Time Hare Scramble, XR400 in NC, class advice?

I've read through some of the previous posts and gotten some great pointers for first time hare scramblers... that leaves me with which class I should start out in.

I'm 33 and would consider myself an intermediate rider. I'm in good shape (light crossfit 3-4 times per week) and I've been riding since I was 10. I'm very comfortable with it and have been able to hang with some faster trail riders... although never pushed it hard for a full 90 minutes before, so that'll be fun. My challenge will be to relax.

I'm planning to give the Brushy Mountain HS race here in western NC a try with my 03 XR400 (bark busters, gordon mods, stock suspension) ... if I can get everything ready in time.


Wondering what CLASS I should sign up under for my first race. Vet class, Big Bike C, or what? I have no idea. I'm not aiming to be superman the first time out and expect to be at the back of the pack finishing... but I don't also want to under estimate my pace. (which I think is less likely)



Vet C or Vet Beginner

Run the 4 stroke class, if they have it. If not,vet c.

vet C

Really doesn't matter in your first race, just pick one and then look at your time and evaluate things. Lots of sandbaggers in all the vet classes so you will just have to find where you belong.

I am clearly a C class rider but up here in North Dakota the C class only runs for an hour. Vet B runs for two hours so to get my money's worth and maximum fun out of a race I sign up for Vet B. I never get close to winning of course but I have a great time for the $50 entry fee. I usually have to travel 3 hours to get tot he closest race so it makes a difference to me.


The drawback however is that the course is usually a lot tougher for anything above the C class but if you're ok with challenges then its really not a drawback.

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You probably can't drop back to c afterwards if it's too much. See how vet c is and decide from there if you should move up after

Perfect. Thanks for the feedback guys.

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