Guys I've got a wr 400 and I the cooling over flow tank/reservoir is empty... Should it be ?

Might sound abit stupid but I can't find anywhere in the manual that says it should or shouldn't. Thanks guys ?!

Empty is ok.

It's there to catch the boil over from radiators. It then sucks back to radiators when they cool.

Best to keep a small amount in there. Let's you see changes in coolant level without taking the radiator cap off.

There should be a level marking on the reservoir for Cool level and hot level. Riding in AZ I always make sure that at the start coolant is in the reservoir, bike over heated when we first got it. replaced reservoir lines and added water wetter,never had an issue since.

right, there should be a level marker approx 1/3 the way up

Wipe the thing off real good and have a look

Take it off and save more than a kilo in weight!!

It's only there to stop coolant leaking onto the road.

YZ's don't have one and before anyone says you need a YZ radiator cap..you don't they are the same part number.

I took mine off my 2000 WR back in 2000 and never had an issue, the coolant will self level a bit anyway.

My 2015 six days KTM300 doesn't even come with one.


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