idle screw now bike won't start

I was playing with the idle screw, and screwed it in way to far and out to far. now i don't know where i started. it just keeps spinning. now i can't get my bike to start.(yes i know I'm an idiot). any base starting points???, or does she need to go to the shop??

Back out your idle screw all the way. When you try to start it, give it slight throttle. Once it is running, you will have to keep giving it throttle to keep it running. Turn the idle screw in until it will idle on its own.

so turning left lowers idle and turning right opens throttle?? or other way around?

Oh man, you are

Just joking. Yes, turning to the left will lower the rpm. The screw comes out which means the slide comes down and results in less air/fuel to the engine. That is why you back it all the way out and control the slide by using the throttle at first. Just enough to keep it running and then turn the idle screw in to the right a little at a time.

thanks crfsvhd, got her back!...... emptied the float, changed the fuel, adjusted valve shims, and made the idle screw adjustments. held the throttle open till i got it going and made adjustment from there.... thanks for the input.. BRAPPPP!!!

Good. Glad to help.

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