Help! Low air flow coming out of silencer

I have a 01 kx 250 2 stroke I think I over packed my silencer would that have any thing to do with the air flow that comes out of my silencer? My 06 yz 125 has at least double the air flow.. does this hurt anything engine wise performance wise it's got a pro circuit pipe with a pro circuit forestry approved silencer. Any input?? Thanks

I don't understand how you could overpack a silencer.  The metal exhaust tube goes between the packing.  The packing only muffles the area surrounding the exhaust tube.  There is no decreased flow from that.  Unless you didn't line the inner tube up correctly with the silencer inlet when you put it back together.

Thanks I read somewhere if u have to work really hard to get it slid back together you could have over packed but I think you might be right that I could have not properly lined it up cause I really had to cramer home. Planned on buying a new one anyways cause it was in rough shape was just trying to save a 100 bucks. Thanks for the input!

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