1985 xr350r

Can't get any spark anyone know what to do

I would start by checking the electrical stuff.

I have checked all wiring put new pickup,coil,stater, and cdi box on it still nothing

I have checked all wiring put new pickup,coil,stater, and cdi box on it still nothing


Check your ground, check, just not look.

Bad ground, almost has to be if you did all that, unless you bought used parts and they were bad too.


Lol cjjeepercreeper, you beat me to it!

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How many ground should that bike have buy chance. I got and the ole boy I got it from already had his hands in it and didn't know much about what he was doing

Your best bet is to google a wiring diagram for the bike and see. I have no clue tbh.


Edit: Do a google images search, take a look at the first thing that pops up for 1985 xr350r wiring diagram.

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Did you check your kill switch by un grounding it from the handlebar?   also inside the sparkplug cap is a resistor that sometimes goes open.  Stick a flat blade in the cap and you can unscrew it's holder,

OK I have power going in to the cdi box and power coming out but when I plug the wiring harness back in to the cdi I box it has no power coming out

If it was out of time would that maybe cause it to not have spark by chance

Got it running it was a loose wire connection thanks you all for all your help

Clean all connections again and use die-electric grease. Saves a lot of headaches later. Also redo every ground connection. You can damage parts with bad connections.

Honda always has a central ground point on the frame, early XRs usually had it at the coil mounting bolt. To provide better electrical connection and seal for corrosion protection I solder all crimp connection. 

And you kill switch should have two wires, the Blk/w from the CDI and a green one going back to the frame ground at the coil.

Anyone know where a guy could find the side panel for a 1985 xr350r

Brandon Comfort

I just checked ebay, Punch in 1985 Honda XR350R. I found a R&L side panel covers Their off '83&'84 models but look to me like a fit check these out. I know you can buy the yellow decal that fits in center, plus any grommets and bolts or hardware.

OK wasn't sure if the 84 stuff would be the same

Lot's of 85 stuff is unique to the year, Honda finally got it right in '85 then quit making it, darn it.

Yeah that 350 is a pretty mean bike

Brandon Comfort:

Back in '85 I rode one of these 350's from one end of the Baja to the other and back again No problems except the head light vibrated all to heck, wore the rear tire slap out. Still ride one today! Find most my parts on ebay or at cheap cycle parts.com

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