Shaft retaining bolt? (Extra bolt - where does it go?)

I had to replace the welch plug on my 2005 DR-Z 400E (checked the valves, etc) and after putting everything back together, I discovered an extra bolt (with a seal).  It had some dirt on it, so I'm assuming it's an external bolt, but I did a pretty thorough search of the bike, and couldn't find anything missing.  Plus, it's somewhat unique as indicated in the attached image.  I went through all the parts breakdowns, and it certainly matches the bolt and gasket on the Camshaft - Valve diagram - BOLT,6X16 09135-06027 (replaces 09135-06022) however there's no information on where it goes.  This post refers to it as a shaft retaining bolt.


I certainly don't mind redoing everything I've done, but the fact that it has some dirt on it makes me think it's external, not internal.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



The bolt you're referring to  located on the front of the cylinder head (upper right, above exhaust port):




You missing that bolt?

It retains the manual compression release shaft when one is fitted.  If not, it just seals up the hole.

Thank you so much!  I do have the bolt and it's now in place.  I swear I looked over every inch of the bike and couldn't see where it would go.  Guess these eyes are just getting too old.

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