are valve shims bike specific?

Hi, i just bought a 2008 crf 250x, and i need to re-shim 2 of the valves. only problem is that I'm in a remote location. there is only a yamaha shop where I'm at. are dirt bike valve shims (hot cams etc) bike manufacture specific???.or are they all the same? thx..

Just make sure they fit inside the top of the spring nice and snug

Take the old shims in, match them up, problem solved.

The 250X shims are 7.48mmOD, common on at least some models of all the J bikes, so your local Yamaha dealer should have shims. 

If you don't yet know what size you need, you can buy a Hot Cams kit (HCSHIM01) online for about $63.  You will have a bunch leftover though (kit has 141 shims in it).

i know what size shims, just needed to know if honda, suzuki, yamaha etc use the same shim diameter

... and chuck answered it! thanks 7.48m

she's purring like a kitten now!

If you just had to shim it, expect to be replacing valves. Once Ti valves start to go, they go quickly. They should never need reshimming after break in..

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