Full timing in a toy hauler

Any one out there doing this thinking of buying another travel trailer and continuing to use the bed of my truck to tote the toys. The problem with a toy hauler is I'm thinking of living out of it with a family while traveling the us for work for about a year longest I'll be in one spot is 6 months. I'm worried about how comfortable a toy hauler would be for an extended period of time. Looking to spend around 20k max for a travel trail maybe 25k for a toy hauler pretty much willing to drive 500 miles for one.

No one?

I say toy hauler. You never know how much room you will need. Firewood, bikes etc. You can get a pretty nice hauler with all the amenities of a travel trailer and you will have the space if you need it. What are you towing with it? Toy haulers are heavier than a typical travel trailer so factor that in to your purchase. With that price point at least in my area that will buy a nice rig. Shop around and make sure you look at floor plans prior to diving in.

I'll be stepping in to a new rig next year myself. Good luck with purchase!

I have a toy hauler and I wouldn't full time in it. We did 2 months in a 27' bunkhouse trailer waiting for a house to be built. It was a lot harder than taking a vacation in it but I say no to the TH.

I'd be towing it with a one ton gas dually with a built big block. I know the gas milage will be sub par but it would take alot of gas to make up for the truck payment.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428435291.723764.jpg

Just picked up a month ago 2008 weekend warrior $19'500 28ft box

Only 7 hours on Generator

They are out there.....

I'd go 5th wheel and add a enclosed behind it. They are a lot nicer to live out of.

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