TE 310 FI light comming on

Perhaps this allready been answered, but I simply can`t find it!




My colegue has 2013 TE 310 with 20 hours. He bought it used and it looks well mentained.  

On yesterday`s ride he has noticed that FI light is comming on.


During the idle the pateren is: one long + 3 short signals.  

In rews above idle the light is on constantly.


The bike is runing normal, no issues.


Does anyone has any clue what does FI light wants to tell us? :-)

Where could we get the list of FI light paterens ant their meaning?


Thanx for answers

Any dealer can give you a list of codes. Also try ZipTy racing they will get you everything you need.

Did anyone had similar issue?

How was it solved?

The husqvarna dealer is far away so I want to solve this issue on my own if possible.

What I have tried so far is unpluging the batery (the idea was to "reset" FI system) - it didnt help.

Than I charged the batery over night since it was not fully charged - didn`t help eather.

Now I am out of ideas what to do next.

Could be temp sensor

Can it be related to a fall that my friend had during the last ride? After the fall he has noticed the light to come on.

If that's the case check all connectors, battery terminals and wires under the tank for rub thru/broken sections. Also you should really get the list of codes from a dealer so you don't keep chasing your tail.

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